St. Zélie Martin and Overcoming Grief in Hope by MICHELE CHRONISTER – Article

“You know that the only hope of reunion is heaven, and with a renewed sense of purpose, you journey to heaven as a family. Your family life becomes divided, with one foot on Earth, and one in heaven.

Heaven can no longer be dismissed as “someday” if it is the present reality of a member of the family.”


Dear Dad…

Dear Dad,

I know we haven’t talked in awhile. I know you have done much of the talking with a broken heart. I know it’s difficult to understand life beyond, or what I would call life. I know pain and dysfunction seem to be far too common. I know you work so hard for Mom and the boys. I know you spend all your energy on running your race. I know you love God and you treat so many like an encounter with Him. I know you do a lot in the background. I know you have great dreams and goals. I know your character and I love watching you pass it onto your children. I know you have given so much. I know much of what you’ve given was for me. I know you still talk to me in the incredible sacrifices and virtue you practice in my name. I know your prayers. I know you love me. I know….

Watching you from beyond the veil is a pleasure for me. Not only do I know you, I know our Father as well. It is so amazing and so worth it, Dad. You will not believe it. You will love being here and even now you are being given so much purpose and strength to help you enjoy it all the more. I’m proud of you Dad. If I had lived longer I would have wanted to be just like you. But it turns out that I didn’t have to live long to experience your virtue and get a taste of what loving like Jesus on the Cross means. I think Christ’s love is a lot like the love of a father, full of sacrifice and strength… courage and love (even when it means heart-break). I hope you know that the love I experience from you, is a small, sweet taste of the love that your Dad in heaven has for you. “Do not be afraid,” you are so loved and WE are so proud of you. Can’t wait to show you all that I know someday!

I know we haven’t talked in awhile, but I talk about you everyday. Happy Father’s Day

Your biggest fan in heaven,

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Saint Therese of Lisieux Quote…

Reminds me of all the beautiful souls who’ve passed as children


“The good God does not need years to accomplish His work of love in a soul; one ray from His Heart can, in an instant, make His flower bloom for eternity…”

-Saint Therese of Lisieux

Music: Until Heaven

For all of you beautiful people with empty arms or that permanent void in your hearts… May this song inspire you to keep loving, and living this life, while hoping for that beautiful reunion in heaven  Love, Clark’s Mom and Dad

August 13, 2016

Missing this one an extra lot today… So much love for him!

I can’t help the void in our daily lives or this void in my heart that wants to love on this one, specific child. It’s true, a parent’s love multiplies with each new son/daughter and sometimes it seems that our love is left unusable by circumstance, by loss.

But our son’s bliss is the medication for our survival here on earth. We know that he is experiencing infinite love and joy and for that reason we can accept that God would have us give that love to others until we can love on him face to face, soul to soul, in paradise.

I hope you can find comfort in this hope too. #clarkjob #alwaysinourrestlesshearts#lifeloveloss   


Inspiring Gift for Bereaved Parents: Hatch Prints

Yes we shall! I purchased this for my own comforting reminder… a beautiful quote by Saint Zelie Martin who lost several young children throughout her motherhood. Find it at Hatch Prints (along with other inspiring script art)