September 15, 2017: Happy 2nd Birthday Clark!

Happy 2nd Birthday Clark Job Edman!
2 Years since we met for less than a moment…
9 Months of a hidden life…
But ALWAYS & forever a victorious one…

You have not left our hearts for a moment. These pictures are what we’ve done without you these 2 years. We’ve missed you and can’t help but think you have reminded us of your presence in the sun rays, in the waves, in our crosses and in our joys.

We are so thankful for your heavenly inspiration…

We are ALWAYS yours…
You are ALWAYS ours…
And we are ALWAYS His and for that reason we will rejoice through the tears.
Happy Birthday dear son,
Enjoy the banquet!
-Dad, Mom, Gabe & Laz

Happy Birthday Clark Job Edman by Slidely





September 7, 2017

Beginning the novena of Our Lady of Sorrows today, ending on Clark’s 2nd birthday. Pray with me for healing and life in heaven for all!
“God must consider suffering to be a great good since He gave so much suffering to His Son, Whom He loved so much. And since, after His Son, God loved the Holy Virgin more than any other creature, He also wanted to give her suffering as the richest of all presents. In the solemnity of this feast, we principally remember Mary on Calvary where she suffered the supreme sorrow of all sorrows that filled her life… To understand the extent and suffering of Our Lady, one must know the extent of her love for Jesus. Her love as Mother of God only augmented her suffering. In fact, nature and grace came together to produce profound impressions on the heart of Mary. Nothing is stronger and more pressing than the love that nature gives a mother for her son or that grace gives for God. These considerations help us understand the role of suffering in our lives. We see we are not alone in our suffering.”
Loss, trials, silence and so many other sufferings prove normal in this vale of tears, perhaps even a communication of His love. Therefore we ask that the sufferings pass but when they persist, we must bless God and Our Lady, still – our constant companions.
Blessed & Sorrowful



May 7, 2017

Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. I share it with far too many women, far too many friends. I wish there was no such thing, no need for this kind of pain, but I’m grateful to know the names of so many saints/children of God, my sweet Clark Job being one of them. I loved the time we had and will always ache for more. I admire his tenacity and life in the womb. I remember kissing his cheek like it was yesterday and have yet to feel anything softer than his perfect, newborn skin. His life is FOREVER imprinted on this mama’s heart and in memory of all the children who’ve passed before their parents, I will pray and praise God for our hope and life together in heaven. May God hold your bereaved hearts extra close today 💙 #ClarkJob #lifeloveloss#hopeinheaven #motherhood #lovebeyondthisworld


April 21, 2017

| Fat and happy and oh so precious |

I can’t really express how watching him warms and stabs at the heart. I wish terribly that we could’ve known Clark the way we’re getting to know this sweet boy. I ache to know my second son and I know our family is forever missing what might’ve been. At the same time I’m so incredibly grateful because Clark continues to teach us what it means to live and love… I’m grateful to kiss these warm, chubby cheeks. I’m grateful to watch my boys on earth grow and to witness their personalities. I’m grateful for the pain even, because with it I can never lose sight of our heavenly goal. With all the other thoughts that pass through my mama heart, I’m grateful Clark is praying for us, and loving us, and with Jesus. He knows our hearts, I just can’t wait to know his.  #littleLaz#ClarkJob #lifeloveloss #rainbowbaby #thankfulforeachday


April 17, 2017

“The Cross had asked the questions; the Resurrection had answered them…The Cross had asked: “Why does God permit evil and sin to nail Justice to a tree?” The Resurrection answered: “That sin, having done its worst, might exhaust itself and this be overcome by Love that is stronger than either sin or death.”

Death is not the end…. #thankyoujesus #blessedeaster #thankfulforeachday#clarkjob


Life & Strength Amid Loss – Article


A recent article that Cameron and I wrote about life with sweet Clark. Thankful to Mitchell Palmquist and the Diocese for wanting to feature our story (beginning on p. 12) in their beautiful magazine. With each little ‘Yes’ his life continues to direct us heavenward. Love you precious son 💙