Hi everybody, this is me, Genavive Edman


  • I’m a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother. My heart is bursting with love for my precious family. I have three sons, two on earth and one in Heaven.
  • I love seeking God in the little things, in the day to day life He has given me. Nature, reading, photography, fellowship, and horseback riding are a few of my favorite things. I’m Catholic, aka Christian and I love my faith!
  • I laugh, cry, smile and weep – frequently. Most often it is scripture, godly authors and prayer time with God that keeps me together and honest about how much I need His hope and help. My heart burns for others and I pray for the countless families who feel this endless ache (often breathtaking pain) of loss. My greatest prayer is that someday we will all experience heaven with our loved ones. I have a broken heart, but the piece that has been taken away resides in heaven so it shall be healed, one beautiful day.
Even if we don’t know each other I consider you a friend and sibling in Christ.
God bless you!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your vulnerability and authenticity! I know writing words through the dark can be so scary and so freeing all at the same time. I have 2 babies in heaven so I share in your loss, but more specifically we just had some friends who lost their precious daughter 2 months ago from anencephaly and I am so thankful to be able to share your blog with them for encouragement. So thank you. God has given you such a beautiful family (all 4 of you)!


    • Thank you Tasha. I will keep your friends and their sweet daughter in my prayers! Also, hugs to you ❤ ❤ I dwell on the fact that our sweet children are together in heaven rooting us on. God bless you and thanks for following!


  2. You are a beautiful person nside and out! My the Lord bless you and your family. I am a labor and delivery nurse, what you went through is the hardest as a nurse, but I know that does not even compare to what you, your husband, and family experienced. Just wanted you to know I read your experience and was heartbroken and inspired. God bless!


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