Meet Clark Job

This is our second child, Clark Job. He was born to heaven 9.15.2015 and we were blessed to spend 9 beautiful months with him. We made the most of our time and love him as our child. Perhaps we love him so strongly that we gave him a lifetime of love in less than a year. We will continue to love him even though he’s gone.

. . .

We found out about Clark’s deformity around 11 weeks gestation. The cause of Acrania (related to a similar, but better known, Anencephaly) is hardly understood. For Clark, his brain was quite present, but sadly the bone molecules necessary to form the skull did not migrate far enough to complete the top of his head, leaving his brain exposed and his life “incompatible” with the outside world.

Given this helpless situation we chose to do all that we could to love our son and experience his life to the fullest. Many of my posts related to our precious second child were written as a journal throughout his diagnosis, pregnancy and time following his birthday.

Clark lived to term and passed away during labor and we dwell on the fact that he only felt the love and squeezes of his mother as he went to the arms of Jesus. Even now, this innocent boy, never touched by the hardness of this world, shines his light and the love of God to millions and as his parents we are so honored to see just how special God chose our son to be. We hope that by getting to know Clark you will also come to better understand the love that God has for you and the reality of His presence even during our darkest days.

Below I share the album introducing our son to the family and friends who prayed so fervently for his life and broken body. The album would eventually (and unintentionally) go viral on FB being shared over 200,000 times across the world – and continues to be shared to this day. His life and the love we have for him has caused countless others to feel the power of God’s love and the love of a simple family. Thank you for your part in spreading this message of Love.

. . .

We include several photos that show his Acrania deformity, please, if it is too much, turn away and pray for us and the sweet babies like our son who are given such a short time here. These pictures capture our journey in a beautiful way and we are forever thankful to Michelle Nagle Photography for being an incredible light and eternal friend. As you can see our family has been with us throughout this time and loved their brother, grandson and nephew too. We cherish his life and these moments forever until God sees it best to reunite us in heaven. We can’t wait to live a healthy, thriving life with Clark in God!

Life is precious, miraculous, worthwhile and beautiful.

Clark Job Edman – FB Album

Clark Job: Posts


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